Glacier Mist

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This earthy blend is reminiscent of a fresh mountain breeze over the glacier. It is antimicrobial and can also bring about a feeling of balance or being grounded. It helps alleviate mental fatigue and improve mental/emotional clarity. A nice all-purpose air freshener.

Our therapeutic grade essential mist’s aromatic blends are designed to enhance your mood or scent your home or office. They also work nicely as a mist on your face for a freshen up feeling throughout the day. Just shake the bottle and spray as desired. For external use only.

Contents: Purified Alaskan mountain water, O essential oils of spruce, rosemary, red cedar and cypress.

* packaged in a glass 2OZ mister

1 review for Glacier Mist

  1. Tina I.

    Reminds me of the wonderful fresh air of Alaska!!!

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