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Alaskana Botanicals is located in Hoonah, Alaska. Jan Parrish, a retired acupuncturist and herbalist made her first batch of chickweed salve in Valdez Alaska in 1975. This began a lifelong journey of wild harvesting and cultivating plants to create healing topical blends.

If you are in Hoonah please stop by and say “ hello” to us in our storefront, Alaskana Botanicals & Vintage & Used Goods.  Located at 350 Harbor Drive. You can sample our salves and teas and browse for Alaskan gifts and other collectibles.

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Our roll-on line fits nicely in a purse, daypack, briefcase or for travel….keep one at home or at the office! Roll-ons come in Kid at Heart Comfrey Care, Devil’s Club, and Glacier Fresh Pain Relief, with the applicator making usage easy for all ages. 

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over 50 years of alchemy

Jan Parrish

Jan Parrish

Jan has been working with herbal remedies since her teens. Her passion for plants began as a child with herbal walks in Wisconsin with her Grandmother Hazel, who introduced her to healthy lifestyle, gardening and wild crafting . She began making salves in Alaska in the ’70s and continues to harvest and make batches of salves in locations where she has lived and traveled to.

Alaskana Botanicals was established in 2007 and has grown into a home-based, family produced business. Greg, ( a.k.a., her squirrel and chief gatherer), her adult children, grandchildren and friends have helped label and pack each item sold over the years. Jan and Greg continue to wild harvest with intention and cultivate most of the plants used in these formulations.

Alaskana Botanicals is dedicated to creating natural Alaskan made products. Jan goes to great lengths to source and use high-quality oils and ingredients in every product. Organics are used as much as possible.

Please note: A skin test is suggested in the event of an allergic response to herbs in our products.