Glacier Fresh Pain Relief Salve – 2 OZ.

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The original roll-on Glacier Fresh Pain Relief Stick was such a winner that we made it into a salve. Two years in the growing of our very own helichrysum plants has yielded enough of this highly-prized pain-relieving herb to create this remedy. The addition of Southeast Alaskan Devil’s Club oil makes this our number one choice for relief of pain and inflammation. It is also antibacterial, anti-spasmodic, and promotes healing. It is especially beneficial for skin disorders.

Apply several times a day, or as needed.

Contains: Olive Oil, O Helichyrsum, W Devil’s Club Bark, O Beeswax, Essence of Peppermint, Wintergreen and CloveO= Organic  W= Wild

1 review for Glacier Fresh Pain Relief Salve – 2 OZ.

  1. Armando Garcia

    I had a sore wrist on our way to our Alaskan cruise, I saw the Glacier Fresh Pain Relief Salve and not really sure I bought it. On the cruise I applied it to my wrist and like a miracle the soreness was virtually gone after the first application.

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