Red Clover Lip Balm

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Lip moisturizer. Sweet red clover not only nourishes the soil with its rich nitrogen content, but it also works great for soft tissue inflammation.Thus our creation of this lovely Alaskan balm that moistens and softens your lips. It can also be used as a salve for ulcers, burns and other skin irritations. Clover’s sweet fragrance is said to dispel melancholy.

Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, W Alaskan red clover blossom, O beeswax, essence of vanilla and vitamin E oil.

*  .15 oz tube

1 review for Red Clover Lip Balm

  1. Sue

    While vacationing in Alaska I discovered this red clover lip balm and rejoiced at how it feels on my lips: light yet moisturizing. I was concerned about fragrance so purchased only one; that has not been an issue. As soon as I returned home, I placed an order for three. Today I am placing another order and will also experiment on the pineapple one. I love this product; keep one by my bed, in purse, and in desk drawer.

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