Miracle Mend Salve, A Body’s Friend – 1/3 OZ.

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This wonderful blend of powerful healing herbs is a must for every medicine cabinet. Use topically for dry, chapped or cracked skin. Also great for insect bites, stings, burns, rashes, bruises, cuts and hemorrhoids.

Contents: O olive oil, W Alaskan plantain, W Alaskan yarrow, O Alaskan comfrey, W Alaskan devil’s club bark, 0 castor oil, O beeswax, W Alaskan bladderwrack, O nutmeg and essence of teatree.

Please note: A skin test is suggested in the event of an allergic response to herbs in our products.

1 review for Miracle Mend Salve, A Body’s Friend – 1/3 OZ.

  1. Chrell Hoffman

    This product is amazing!! I was on a cruise ship last week. Had a cyst the size of a baseball on my tail bone. In so much pain. Last ditch effort at a port to find relief. Tried this. And with in 24 hrs 3 treatments it was 1/2 the size. I will always have this on hand. Thank you for what you do!!

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