Comfrey Salve – 2 OZ.

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Comfrey Salve aides in the healing of closed-tissue skin irritations such as burns, abrasions, scars, slow-healing wounds and insect bites. It can also be applied to bruises, fractures and sprains.

Contents:W Alaskan comfrey, olive oil, apricot oil, O Alaskan chocolate mint, O beeswax and essence of lavender.

2 reviews for Comfrey Salve – 2 OZ.

  1. Randle

    This salved so helped with burns i have received being a chef. Thanks so much. My GF bought some of your amazing salve on an Alaskan cruise. Thanks a million

  2. Simone

    I bought this jar 5 years ago and still have a good amount of product left! I love using it to soothe and moisture scars. It is gentle and has never caused irritation. I bought this when on a cruise and will definitely repurchase when I do run low. Thanks!

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