St. John’s D-Fusion


Handpicked wild Alaskan herbs in combination with St John’s Wort gives this tea a rich flavor and a “chill”, yet balanced feeling. Great for a midday pick me up.

Brewing Instructions: Fill half a tea ball with a heaping portion of Alaskana Botanical’s St. John’s D-Fusion, steep with pure hot H2O for 3-5 min., depending on strength desired. Sweeten to taste and savor, In-joy!!!

*  When used internally those with diabetes should take care as Devil’s Club has been shown to reduce blood sugar; Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

O=Organic W=Wild AK= Alaskan
Ingredients: O Lycii Berries, W AK Fireweed, W AK Pineapple Weed, O Chamomile, W AK Mint, O Angelica, O St. John’s Wort powder, W AK. Devil’s Club, O Orange Peel.

*  Each package of tea will brew 15-20 cups


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