Devils Club and Comfread Glilead Salves

All of our products are made with quality ingredients. We do not use petrochemicals or synthetics in them and continue to mix and blend in small batches infusing our creations with loving kindness. Our herbs are responsibly wild harvested around the coast and mountains of southeast Alaska. Try for yourself and experience the power of natural healing!

W = wild harvested | O = organic

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Devil's Club Tea

Devil's Club ChaiHave you tried our Devil's Club Tea? Did you like it? If you'd like to order more tea, please shoot us a line!

Devilís Club Salve

Devil's Club salveDevilís Club (Oplopanax horridus) is a healing salve that can be used as a treatment for eczema, burns, scratches, and dry skin. It increases blood circulation and is great as a topical pain reliever. Devilís Club Salve is made with pure Alaskan elements. For external use only. Apply 3-4 times daily or as needed.
Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, W Alaskan devilís club bark and O beeswax.


Miracle Mend Salve, A Bodyís Friend

Miracle Mend salveThis wonderful blend of powerful healing herbs is a must for every medicine cabinet. Use topically for dry, chapped or cracked skin. Also great for insect bites, stings, burns, rashes, bruises, cuts and hemorrhoids.
Contents: O olive oil, W Alaskan plantain, W Alaskan yarrow, O Alaskan comfrey, W Alaskan devilís club bark, 0 castor oil, O beeswax, W Alaskan bladderwrack, O nutmeg and essence of teatree.


Spruce Healing Salve

Spruce Healing SalveAlaskan Spruce is a healing/giving conifer with many uses. It has a long list of homestead and commercial uses. Its boughs and oil have been used for relaxing bathes, liniments, soaps and shampoos to name a few. This all natural Alaskan salve can be used as a local antiseptic, to alleviate pain and applied to burns and rashes.
Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, W Alaskan spruce tips and pitch and O beeswax.


Comfrey Salve

Comfrey SalveComfrey Salve aides in the healing of closed-tissue skin irritations such as burns, abrasions, scars, slow-healing wounds and insect bites. It can also be applied to bruises, fractures and sprains.
Contents: W Alaskan comfrey, olive oil, apricot oil, O Alaskan chocolate mint, O beeswax and essence of lavender.


Balm of Gilead Salve

Balm of Gilead salveBalm of Gilead is a natural healing remedy for skin irritations, pain relief, sunburn, scratches, bruises, swelling and excellent on dry cracking skin. It has some of the same pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties as aspirin. It is a time immemorial medicinal, and has several references in the bible and other ancient manuscripts.
Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, O Alaskan balm of gilead and O beeswax.


Three Salve Sampler

Salve sampler3 x 1/3 oz of either, Comfrey, Balm of Gilead, Spruce, Devilís Club, Miracle


Salve Combinations


Lip Balms
Three Lip Balm Sampler

alaskan chapstick3 x .15 oz of Red Clover, Licorice, and Orange Pineapple Lip Balm


Red Clover Lip Balm

Lip moisturizer. Sweet red clover not only nourishes the soil with its rich nitrogen content, but it also works great for soft tissue inflammation.Thus our creation of this lovely Alaskan balm that moistens and softens your lips. It can also be used as a salve for ulcers, burns and other skin irritations. Clover's sweet fragrance is said to dispel melancholy.
Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, W Alaskan red clover blossom, O beeswax, essence of vanilla and vitamin E oil.

.15 oz tube

Licorice Lip Balm

Go wild and lavish yourself with our Wild Alaskan licorice lip balm.. Like the wild hardy roots of licorice that cling to the rocks along our Alaskan coast know that you are endeavoring to create a healthy physical self that enhances your well being.
Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, W Alaskan licorice, O licorice and O beeswax.

.15 oz tube

Pineapple Orange Mint Lip Balm

Pineapple Orange Mint Balm the essence of Alaska to soothe your lips. Pamper yourself with wild Alaskan Pineapple Weed an herb used to enhance complexion and relieve irritation. Our homegrown orange mint soothes and refreshes chapped lips and aides in prevention of drying or chapped lips. Use frequently and smile knowing you are proactive with your personal healing regime.
Contents: Olive oil, apricot oil, W Alaskan pineapple weed, O Alaskan orange mint, O beeswax and O orange peel.

.15 oz tube


NEW! Essential Mists

Glacier Mists Essential OilsThree wonderful therapeutic grade, aromatic blends we've designed to enhance your mood or scent your home or office. They also work nicely as a mist on your face for a freshen up feeling throughout the day. Just shake the bottle and spray as desired. For external use only.

Glacier Mist

This earthy blend is reminiscent of a fresh mountain breeze over the glacier. It is antimicrobial and can also bring about a feeling of balance or being grounded. It helps alleviate mental fatigue and improve mental/emotional clarity. A nice all-purpose air freshener.
Contents: Purified Alaskan mountain water, O essential oils of spruce, rosemary, red cedar and cypress.

2 oz spray bottle

eagle's Feather

What to say about our favorite pick? is calming, stabilizing, grounding...while helping to magnify your intention of abundance and success. An uplifting scent that makes your heart smile.
Contents: Purified Alaskan mountain water, O essential oils of vetiver, lavender, orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon and spruce.

2 oz spray bottle

Raven Light

A subtle blend that enhances mental accuracy that stimulates the right brain to amplify creativity and well being. This formula also supports nerves and the respiratory system, while also increasing circulation and promoting immunity.
Contents: Purified Alaskan mountain water, O essential oils of neroli, ravensara, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, spearmint.

2 oz spray bottle